Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Not me!

Sunday morning I was innocently sitting at the drum kit waiting for the service to start. From my vantage point I could see a few groups of visitors, mainly kids of church members, who had long grown up, moved away, and were back for a visit.

One couple were celebrating their golden wedding anniversary, and it was lovely to see their daughter and grandchildren had come from abroad. I also spotted Louise and her husband hidden in the middle of a row. She had long gone off to University by the time I joined the church, and though I'd met them both through family and fri
ends, I'm sure half the congregation hadn't.

During the welcome, one lady dashed up to whisper in the announcer's ear. Clearly flustered at a last-second piece of news, he failed to remember her married name, and not wishing to call her by her maiden name declared:
"Louise... is expecting!"

Needless to say, most eyes turned (if for some, only briefly) to the familiar Louise displayed like a prize lemon on a platform at the front. Much laughter, arm waving, head shaking and pointing at the real culprit later, I think I’d made my point.

This didn’t stop a friend from making “...in your condition.” comments at every opportunity after the service. I made it quite clear that if he kept that up I would stop denying it, and instead, take to telling everyone it was his!

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