Tuesday, 20 April 2010

It's the end of the world as we know it...

I'm not the brightest student at my University, by any stretch of the imagination, but I often find myself being asked for advice. Maybe it's the 'mature' student status.

Yesterday I was asked (dead seriously) the following, as we waited for a lecture to begin:
Student: "Is Bolivia in Brazil?"

Me: "No, but they're both in South America"

Student: "But I don't understand!"

Me: "Sorry, What don't you understand?"

Student "How come these nuts are produce of
Bolivia if they're supposed to be Brazil Nuts?"

Me: (When I'd recovered myself)
"Well, it's just about the type of nut they are, like Cheddar cheese, or Eccles Cakes."

Student: "Those are places?!"

How on earth the poor lecturer was supposed to explain eschatology after that, I have no idea!

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