Wednesday, 22 September 2010


The new College year has officially begun, and we continuing students have been delighted to receive the newbies. We have tried to set the ethos as a welcoming and open College community, and hope that the new folks will pick-up on this.

I decided to experiment with gingerbread the night before and, albeit a little burned, seemed to be enjoyed by all... repeatedly... before
eventually being eaten.

You see, having left the biscuits in college overnight, I found that someone had been playing 'anagrams' with them by the time I arrived in the morning! Then, by the time we were released from our first lecture, there was a second configuration, that cou
ld only have been done by a member of staff!

This tutorial example became a part of ethos-setting which was eagerly embraced, and as many as could reach the gingerbread attempted to form further words.

"You need to make more vowels!" someone crie
d accusingly. Do I look like Carol blooming Vorderman?! So I ate an "O" to make my point!

With half the teaching staff retiring at the end of this academic year, there is more than a little feeli
ng of demob-happy about the place!

1 comment:

  1. I think your staff used the same anagram software I did....

    However if you type that in you get...

    Cow blew comets...

    Have a fun year