Monday, 30 May 2011

Big Smoke - Small World

I'm excited to be heading off to London on placement in a couple of weeks time, and will be staying with a family who have very kindly offered to host me.

In exchanging introductory emails they said "We've just been looking at a few pictures of you on facebook so we feel we are getting to know you already."

Oh dear! I dread to think what impression Fb might give! Dressing as a male boxer-come-murder for the all-girl murder mystery night is a particular worry!

This comes hot on the heels of several incidents, though thankfully all within the Baptist fold, which is a small world in a way.

I was at a regional meeting about a month ago where someone instantly said
"Oh yes, I know who you are from Facebook. You interact with...."

At the BUGB Assembly, just a few days later, we were instructed to turn around and introduce ourselves to a random person. Mine said almost exaclty the same thing (I still have no idea who he was!). Then a couple of weeks later I was meeting a prospective tutor at my interviews for NBLC who knew of me in a similar manner.

At times like these I think I need to stop using social media, but then that would rather put the kibosh on my MA, which I propose to be (roughly) on Imago Dei, Church community, and the way the internet is changing things for better and worse!

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