Thursday, 29 January 2009

The Mystery of Music

Since becoming a student I seem to have been regressing. Rather than update friends with my (lack of) academic progress, I've decided all and sundry will gain far greater enjoyment from hearing about my moments of ridiculously stupid, and unfortunately mostly accidental, silliness, clumsiness and general daft-as-a-brushness.

So I begin this blog with one of my less spectacular, though commoner, moments of silliness:

I was walking to lectures this morning, all cabled-up with iPod, trying to work out why I couldn't hear Seth Lakeman's energetic rhythms. I checked the track was playing, the volume was sufficiently loud, and the wire was definitely plugged in. I tried changing artist with no greater success. Gradually coming to the conclusion that I must have finally worn out the headphone cable's connection, I became aware that the chill wind was blowing in my ears, and I must have neglected to put the headphones on!

When these forays into the world of daftness start early in the day, my hope is always that I will have got it out of my system before I need to do anything important. Well, one can only hope!

1 comment:

  1. Hey all is forgiven in the world of daftness if you are listening to Seth. Didn't know you knew him ... his Mrs (Cara Dillon) also has a new album out that arrived here yesterday.
    Welcome to blogging